Works in progress

Sometimes, people have to leave their country due to some governmental and religious limitation that do not let them live freely in their home town, hope to live as they wish in another country. Canada, where some of the people in Middle East wish to live there.
“F” is 33 years old, from Iran. He was forced to leave Iran in 2011 and went to Turkey. He entered Canada in 2014.
He works during the week and at the weekend he is occupied with “drag queen”. All the affairs related to this job including design and sewing of the costume, hairdressing, make-up and etc. will be done by himself.
He chose the name of “Cleo” for his drag queen activities which is retrieved from “Cleopatra”.
He follows all the rituals of being Cleo obsessively and has a very respectful attitude and behaviour to every single step of this job.