from scratch

From scratch

Two month after the beginning of the Iran-Iraq war, and with the occupation of Khoramshahr port in southwestern Iran, its inhabitants were obliged to migrate to different cities in Iran. They moved here about 40 years ago. These displaced people now live in a complex within the city of Mashhad. They know themselves as Iranian and support Iran, speaking Arabic and following the customs of Arabs, even though they mostly speak Persian, the official language of Iran.
This photo collection represents the mandatory and sudden migration of people who have preserved their culture, as well as the disconnect between this displaced population, or jang zadeh as they are known in Persian, and the dominant culture of the city where they know reside.
This project’s goal is to document the long-term effects of war. Many in Iran have forgotten these people, but their lives are still impacted by war after losing their homes, relatives and way of life.

Album 1: Photos before war
Album 2: War_torn who lives in the complex in Mashhad and 29 years after war
Album 3: Khorramshahr 2017