Elephant Breeding Center (EBC) is located in west of Sauraha besides Bhude Rapti beach in Nepal whose width is almost 3 kilometers. In this center about 30 old and young elephants are bred. The elephants are the hugest terrestrial animals whose average lifetime is between 50 to 70 years old. Bohiraj is one of the mahouts in this center who takes care of an elephant named Simsarkali, he enjoys his job a lot. Bohjraj goes to work at 5 A.M. and finishes his job at 6 PM. His duties include preparing food for his elephant, scrubbing out Simsarkali’s place of living, harvesting the grass in that area, washing the elephants, taking them to jungle for a daily wal Simsarkali (from an Indian race) is about 6 years old and eats almost 30 kg, food in a day (in cluding wheat, molasses, protein powder, vitamin and bamboo leaf) home is married and lives with his wife and his two children in middle in a which is built by the of jungle himself. His wife is Mina and his children are Bibas & Bipika. His monthly salary is almost $100. He is very satisfied and happy with his life. He has a home and family full of love& safety and enjoys his job.