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Somewhere else…

Marriage in India is not limited to two people but to two families. Usually the families with equal social classes marry each other. Hindu marriage like their other customs is accompanied with a lot of formalities. India is the second populated country and fourth economic pole of the world, millions of people live in severe poverty because of social class differences and the Indian governors banned luxurious marriages because of this poverty. On the other hand, Indian maharajahs hold their luxurious wedding parties in their neighbor country to escape this rule, their parties take long several days for which they spend a large amount of money. Nepal is next to India which has a poor economy and is suitable for wealthy Indians to hold their elegant and populated wedding parties. This photo collection is related to Chirag & Rekha’s wedding party from India who held their party in Nepal on April 2017 due to legal abolition of luxurious wedding parties in India. Their party was held in two modern and large hotels in Chitwan for 3 days.